Here is where you begin your membership and create your member profile. A current U.S. Coast Guard captain's license or USCG Document of Continuity is required for membership. Renewal dues are $60 per year. The first-year dues for new members are $85.

You can create your member profile below. Please update your profile if something changes, including a renewed license. We rely on accurate database information to contact you. Other members may look for your contact information in the member directory.

Also, If you change your email address, please use this specific link and email We use Constant Contact for important announcements and, unfortunately, the two lists are not linked. Using this email link will alert the webmaster to update the Constant Contact email list.

Your dues cover a one-year period from the date that you were accepted for membership. Please pay your renewal dues before your membership anniversary date. If you let your membership expire, you will lose access to members-only information. If you let your membership lapse for more than 60 days, you must apply as a new member and pay the new member fee in effect at that time. 

USCG Document of Continuity

If you're thinking about letting your license lapse, please consider applying for a USCG Document of Continuity so you can join or remain a member of CAPCA. You must apply for a Document of Continuity within one year of the date that your current license expires.

To learn more, click on this link to the USCG National Maritime Center.

A Document of Continuity may be uploaded in place of a license.

Because a document of continuity has no expiration date, please enter a fictitious date way in the future, such as 2099 in the required "license expiration date" field.

CAPCA Membership - 1 year Subscription

Please enter your information on the form below.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

It can take up to a couple of days to activate your membership. 

Payment Information



You have an option to upload a photo of yourself. It's nice for others to be able to put a face to your name, but it's not required.

Code of Ethics

CAPCA members abide by a code of ethics. To become a member, we ask that you read and agree to abide by the CAPCA Code of Ethics. Click the link to open the code of ethics in a new browser tab.

Uploading Your License

As part of registration, you will have to upload an image of your license. When renewing your membership, you do not need to upload your license as long as it is still current

Scan the page of your Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) that contains your picture. If you don’t have a scanner, but do have a computer, you can have a copy center scan your MMC and provide a means to load it on your computer.

If you can’t scan, take a good close-up photo of your picture page.

If you choose to take a picture with a smartphone or tablet, you can upload the picture directly by logging in to the members side of the CAPCA website from that device.

Whether you choose to transfer the picture to a computer first or upload from the portable device, the next steps are the same.

  1. Next to “Upload a copy of your license,” click the blue “Select File” button.
  1. A window or menu will open to allow you to select the license image file on your device. The upload might take a few seconds.
  1. Once the file is uploaded, you will see the filename in red letters on the form to the right of the blue “Select File” button.

Processing Your Payment

CAPCA uses PayPal for all payments. You don't have to have a PayPal account and you can pay with a credit or debit card without setting up an account. However, having a PayPal account makes paying in the future faster because PayPal will have your details on file. Setting up a secure PayPal account is free.

If you need assistance, e-mail