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Speaker: J. Seamus Duffy, Annapolis Compass - Take the Voodoo Out of Compass Headings

03-25-2024 6:00 pm -9:00 pm
$30 per person
J. Seamus Duffy

Dinner meeting with guest speaker J. Seamus Duffy of Annapolis Compass

The magnetic compass has been in use for 2200 years. With the more recent introduction and integration of electronic navigation, many mariners have neglected the fundamental operations of their magnetic compass. In this program, we will take a look at the compass from its origin to its place in modern day operations of marine vessels.

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Speaker: Captain Rob Chichester "Experiences aboard a Lightship"

04-15-2024 6:45 pm -8:30 pm
Online with Zoom
Captain Rob Chichester

How many of us can say we have crewed aboard an actual Lightship? CAPCA member Captain Rob Chichester can say “aye aye” and has stories to tell about his experiences as a crew member on the U.S. Lightship Chesapeake. Rob will share archived photos and documents from before and during his time on the LV116, which was relocated to Pier 3 in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in the early 1980s.