CAPCA is a membership organization for Coast Guard-licensed captains. Although our captains' licenses range from small passenger vessels to oceangoing ships, the bulk of our members operate boats of 100 tons or less—such as tour boats, water-taxis, towboats, and charter boats. Some also work as delivery captains for transporting recreational boats between ports.

We are dedicated to two primary missions:

Promote the professional development of our members

We operate an online job board for our members that serves as a clearinghouse for captains’ jobs; offer continuing education classes; mentor captains to help improve their practical skills; and provide opportunities for members to network with other captains and with leaders in the maritime community.

Serve the maritime public

We also serve the broader interests of the maritime community by providing a "hire a captain" service; offering maritime-related courses to the public; operating a Speakers Bureau to provide speakers to interested groups; maintaining a code of ethics for our captains; and participating in public-service activities, such as safety at sea conferences.